13 Steps to Secure a Rental Property

 13 Steps to Secure a Rental Property


Guarantee that Your Rental Investment Property Doesn’t Become Vandalized


Rental/Investment properties regularly stand empty sooner or later during the year. Whenever your property is empty john mulryan it frequently turns into an objective for miscreants and criminals. They are in danger for vagrants, copper criminals, and then some. There are a few things you can do to assist with getting your venture property.


Become companions with the neighbors and give them your contact data on the off chance that they see any dubious movement

Leave lights on in the home, even better put a few unique lights on clocks to come on and off at different times in the evening

Ensure mail is sent and not collecting in the letter box

Introduce sunset to day break security lighting

Ensure entryways and windows are locked

Introduce dead darts on every single outside entryway

Ensure the carport entryway is security locked and can’t be opened from an external perspective

Have somebody actually take a look at the property week after week. Indeed, even a neighbor hood youngster can assist with this!

Keep the yard and flowerbeds perfect and very much managed. Try not to permit bushes to obstruct windows.

Have the scene organization advise you of anything not right

Put locks on doors and keep them locked

Try not to switch off utilities in the middle of tenants

Employ a security organization to watch the property

The last thing on the rundown, employ a security organization to watch the property could appear to be outrageous, however in Texas there has been an enormous rash of copper robberies. I asked Jeff Moore, a specialist security expert to clarify what harm these hoodlums are making.


It’s truly dismal and VERY EXPENSIVE. These hoodlums break into empty homes and detach the copper wiring framework in the home. Whenever they do this they frequently kick openings in the dividers to tear the copper out and furthermore destroy whole roofs to get to the wire. They will remain determined to detach each piece of wire in the home. In the end it’s normal to see $10,000 to $20,000 in harm.

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