A Better Time Ahead For Skilled Workers Immigrating to Australia

 A Better Time Ahead For Skilled Workers Immigrating to Australia


Australia has been always a great choice for skilled immigrants hailing from all parts of the world. Skilled workers are well respected in Australia and offered with higher wages  immigration refugees and citizenship UK  and other welfare programs provided by the government. The nation has well recuperated and also faster than many other developing nations.

A lot of industrial activities and many projects on the way are two major things encouraging and increasing demand for labors locally and globally. Even the current business scenario is experiencing a little difficulty in finding skilled labor in Australia as a major part of local workforce is already engaged in previous projects. These things are creating a great demand of labors from overseas to ensure the better balancing of labor market.

Citing all these advancements, Australian Business Council is urging for the Aussie government to ease and surge skilled migration programs and quotas to have room for skill shortage in resources and other sectors. The employment market of Aussies is concerned about expected skilled workers famines due to various awaiting multi-billion dollar ventures to be initiate in future or already launched. Currently, the workforce market or employers are unable to house existing industries demand including industries and mining sector which is arising an alarm among Aussies business community.

Australian government has announced few reforms in the 457 visa program to ease the immigration route of foreign labors. Aussies Business Council has been provided with special fast-paced employee agreement exclusively designed to consider visas for large projects. Now big projects can easily hire temporary overseas workers for their programs to ensure easy running of the project.

The government has taken major initiative to improve the processing time of 457 visa programs of Australia. The processing time is expected to be dragged to half of the time it takes to process presently. A latest report advocates that above 140,000 skilled labors are afflicting with processing backlog of visa applications and this backlog is as much as around 28 months.



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