A Look at the Causes of Low Water Pressure

 A Look at the Causes of Low Water Pressure


Water is an essential ingredient of modern day living. But, low water pressure causes irritation and frustration. Any day-to-day chore you do with water will take more sprinklers have low water pressure  time and can be extremely hindering. Starting with the facilities of the water supply utility, down to your home and the plumbing inside, there are several things that can cause low water pressure at the outlets. You need to contact the utility and seek their help if the pressure at the inlet to your home is confirmed to be low. There are several things in your pipeline network that can cause low pressure of water some of which are:

Improper water source elevation

Water pressure at an outlet, such as your kitchen faucet depends on the ‘head’ of water. This is the height of the water storage tank compared to the elevation of the tap. Higher this height, greater is the pressure of water at the tap/faucet. Raising the height of the storage tank is the solution to this problem.

Pressure loss at peak usage

Usually, it is the same common line supplying water from the utility to your neighbors as well. In such a case, if your peak usage is around the same time everybody else is using water, you are likely to experience low pressure of water. Offsetting the usage time a little bit solves the problem.

Faulty pressure regulator

A qualified plumber should be able to confirm if the water pressure regulator at the incoming connection is functioning properly. A bar regulator could be the cause of the low pressure of water in your home. In case of a problem, this part will need to be replaced. The same plumber could fix it.


Leaking plumbing can be at the root of your problems. Simplest way to detect any leakage is to turn off all the taps/faucets in tour home and check the inlet water meter after a lapse of a few hours. If you see an increase in the readings that is a sure sign that water is leaking out at some place in your plumbing.



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