Accessing The Higher Powers of Manifestation Through Kabbalah

 Accessing The Higher Powers of Manifestation Through Kabbalah


The manifestation process consists of the steps involved in bringing about a condition. You can manifest a new car, a new hairdo, a new waistline, a new flower in your manifesting  garden. You can manifest more business, a bad cough, a divorce. You can manifest a new pair of shoes, a crying child, an empty stomach. You can manifest a new mate, a new nation, a dirty carpet. You can manifest a balloon, a home in the mountains, a poem. What you manifest is up to you, to a great extent.

The more aligned you are with your spiritual purpose in life, the more powerfully you can manifest. Also, the more deliberately you deny your spiritual purpose, the more powerfully you can manifest. Denying your spiritual purpose draws energy out of goodness. Aligning with your spiritual purpose nurtures goodness and empowers it in the world. You have the choice of your energy source. To the wise, it only makes sense to manifest with the power of goodness, instead of against the power of goodness, because as you diminish goodness your life grows cold, dark, and empty, no matter what you manifest.

The Kabbalah Tree of Life portrays the Divine Manifestation Process, how God manifests existence into form. Each of the 10 Divine Emanations of the Tree conveys a particular type of power that moves the manifestation process forward. The tenth emanation, represented at the base of the Tree, represents the fruit or final stage of the manifestation process, what appears as physical form. The top of the Tree, occupied by the first emanation, called Crown, represents the power of Divine Will that begins the manifestation process.

The power of Divine Will is unstoppable. Divine Will provides human beings with our power of intention. We too can set the manifestation process in motion by intending to make something happen. However, we have been given a certain degree of free will. God Wills only for the highest good. As we dedicate ourselves to leading lives more completely aligned with goodness (as perceived through our hearts in a state of awareness), we access more and more of the infinite power of Divine Will in alignment with our own.

The second emanation of the Tree, called Wisdom, conveys the power of Divine Wisdom. Think of this as the ultimate, absolute level of utter wisdom. Think of it as perfect wisdom. We humans have a certain measure of wisdom ourselves, and the more wisdom we seek, the more we find. Our level of access to divine wisdom guides us in all of our choices. As we will the highest good, we access more of God’s perfect wisdom to guide us in our choices, and, ultimately, everything we say, think, feel and do comes down to a choice. Your present condition of life is the manifestation of your choices.



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