Are You Crazy? – Buying a Used Car Without a CarFax Report?

 Are You Crazy? – Buying a Used Car Without a CarFax Report?


No doubt about it, if you’re purchasing a used car you need to learn how to understand a CarFax (CF) Report. A CarFax report is available on many of the cars in a used car dealer’s lot. What makes CF work is the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) on every automobile made since 1981 and this 17 character number is stamped on many components Rachat de voitures d’occasion  of a car’s body.

Run your own CF if the used automobile you are considering in doesn’t have one.. Buying a used automobile without viewing the CF is just plain wacky. It costs a few dollars and can save you a small fortune in return.

When a car is involved in a collision that requires body work the body shop reports the damage to CF you, the owner, have no say in the matter. When an automobile flunks the state emission inspection, that incident is reported to CarFax. When an automobile is destroyed by a flood, hurricane, or other types of water damage that fact is reported to CarFax.

You would not know that some used cars have been reconstructed, by criminals, after being destroyed by water damage. Well, until about six months later when the entire automobile rusts to a hulk one night. If your automobile wears out all four tires in two months you might then determine the car had been totaled in a terrible auto accident and was repaired to look original.

The indicated number of owners, and class of owners, can save you from buying a heavily used corporate/municipal vehicle that was purchased, for a few dollars, and repaired to look like it was driven by a little old lady. Odometer warnings indicate when the odometer reading has been tampered with. A Geek, with a PC, can easily roll back the electronic odometer setting.



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