Bolster Pillow Forms

 Bolster Pillow Forms


Bolster pillows are a type of decorative throw pillow that can be used to accessorize a room. They are traditionally used to soften the space between the seat and arms of a formal sofa, to provide support along the ends or back custom throw pillows of a daybed, or as neck roll pillows on a bed. A cylindrical bolster pillow or pillow shams can be as simple as an open tube of fabric with the ends tied or drawn closed, or more structured with the ends of the tub enclosed with sewn-on rounds. Mixing bolster pillows with other types and shapes of decorative throw pillows gives a completed, decorator look to beds, couches, and other upholstered furniture.

Pillow forms is a term used to describe the various stuffing, inserts and upholstery batting used in upholstered pillows and pillow cushions. A pillow form is also called a pillow insert and many different sizes, shapes and types of inserts are available today. Bolster pillow form is one of these pillow form shapes. The various filling materials for this are Down pillow forms and non-down, feather pillow forms, Polyester pillow forms or polyester fiberfill.

Down is a cluster from the underbody of waterfowl such as geese and ducks. These clusters grow under the outer protective layer of feathers. A down cluster has the overall appearance of a ripe dandelion pod. This three dimensional structure gives down the ability to loft. Feather, the principal covering of birds, is of a flat, two-dimensional construction. It has a hard quill shaft from one end to the other. Down will never mature into feathers as they are two completely different materials. When mixed with down, feather pillows also loft. The higher the down content, the more loft is present.

Feather down bolster pillow forms are available in various mixed percentages of feather & down like 95/5, 90/10, 75/25/ or 50/50. In the first mixed percentage i.e. 95/5, the first number (95) is the percentage of feathers, and the second number (5) is the percentage of down. Same is for the other feather down mixed percentages. Out of the different sizes of these some of them are 6″-diameter-x-14, 8″-diameter-x-17 & 9″-diameter-x-20.



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