Buddha Fountains – A Gateway to Spirituality

 Buddha Fountains – A Gateway to Spirituality


Buddhism teaches enlightenment or awakening. Buddha is the enlightened one. A Buddha fountain can create an enlightened place in your home and meet your needs for meditation and spiritual practices.

Many studies have buddha multiple frames shown that meditation contributes to a person’s physical and psychological wellness. Meditation is an internal state of relaxed awareness, with profound mental discipline in which a person attempts to get beyond the normal thinking mind and go into the deeper state of relaxation or awareness. This is achieved as meditation brings the brainwave pattern into an alpha state which is a level that brings healing.

The idea of placing a Buddha fountain in your home is inspired by Siddhartha Gautama (the founder of Buddhism) who achieved and practiced the zen-like peace and clarity of conscience and state of complete freedom from all sufferings. That’s what inspires people to add a Buddha fountain in their homes. Buddha fountain come in different forms. It can be a Buddha wall fountain, Buddha tabletop fountain, or Buddha garden fountain. It is very graceful and peaceful scenery to place one around, like in your sitting area in the patio, or garden.

It can be made out of stone, but most often made of cast resin. This is because resin materials are lighter and easy to move around. Resin is a material that does not oxidize which leads to corrosion. A resin Buddha fountain is made to look with a natural stone finish and doesn’t need any coating; however it may be coated with the popular aged bronze color. There are also some pieces with hand painted colors but mostly the natural stone finish is more popular.

All the Buddha Fountains work similarly and have the same primary parts.



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