Choosing Great Christening Gifts

 Choosing Great Christening Gifts


People have come to appreciate the greater meaning of giving presents during baptism rites, and the ceremony in itself. While other used to consider such as social events Engel Anhänger  where anything goes, nowadays, godparents, guests and even relatives of the baby would choose the most appropriate christening gifts. Contrary to notions that these items are expensive, there are many affordable choices in stores and shops that could be given. Others put in their creative sense and make the bought items more personalized for the soon-to-be Christian child, and the family as well.

The most symbolic gifts for the occasion would be anything religious, such as wall crucifix, framed pictures of angels or saints, figurines of guardian angels or a lamb sculpture. Items with decorative and sacred purposes may be designed at the base, such as figurines, or embedded with meaningful verses, such as framed pictures of angels or saints. On the other hand, the wall crucifix or cross pendant, or the child’s first Bible, which are usually gold or silver, are engraved with the child’s name and other details of the baptism. These are all great ideas for godparents to give as christening gifts.

For those who are not godparents, anything silver as presents to the baptized child is also meaningful. Traditions have it that giving silver, wishes prosperity to the child and the family. Silver mugs and utensils are considered appropriate even if the baby doesn’t understand the underlying meaning of the presents. But surely, the parents will store the item, especially because the event and the child’s name are engraved in the gift.

Other inexpensive christening gifts would be personalized money box to teach the child early on about the value of money and saving, and decorative pillows or framed baptismal record that displays the memorable date. Parents would sure love to hang such items and explain their meaning as the child grows up. Another good thin



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