Grass Mowing Service Marketing For New Lawn Care Businesses

Grass Mowing Service Marketing For New Lawn Care Businesses


Starting out in the lawn care business, you may not have a lot of time, or the budget for expensive marketing campaigns to promote your mowing services. So you have yard mowing service in flint tx  to think of easy, quick methods of getting the word out so that you can profit from having more clients.

Everyone knows how you can advertise a lawn business, like any other small business. You can put advertisements in the newspaper, try the yellow pages and send out flyers, test the response rates and go with the winners. That’s all obvious really so with this article I will explore four unconventional lawn cutting business marketing methods that you may not have already thought of.

Get your Customers to do the Selling for You.

Customers can be great for spreading the word about your business. If you are just doing an average job then they may talk to their friends and neighbors about you. But if you are doing your work in a way that is totally unique and surprises them, makes them feel good about themselves or makes them laugh then they will definitely talk about you.

If you can’t get them talking about you for free then set up a referral program that will allow them to get a decent discount on your services if they successfully refer a new account to you.

Get Work from Your Competitors

It doesn’t always hurt to get friendly with some of your competitors and to market yourself to them. Let them know that if they have more work than they can handle of they need to take a break that you are available to fill in for them. It is surprising how business owners can get lazy if they know that they have someone reliable


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