History Of The Strawberry And The Strawberry Tree  

 History Of The Strawberry And The Strawberry Tree


It is difficult to trace the ancient history of the strawberry plant or strawberry tree, because there are so many different, complex, undefined species, and they have evolved Mango Kush Strain  in so many different places and countries.

Pliny described the strawberry tree, Arbutus in his early writings of the Roman culture in the first century, AD.

Strawberry trees, Cudrania tricuspidata, have been known since antiquity and have been so named because the berries growing on the trees resemble the familiar fruiting strawberry that grows on the ground. Some strawberry trees have a mideastern origin and others come from China. One strawberry tree of a substantial size was planted 200 years ago by early settlers at Sea Island, Georgia, and this tree reliably produces abundant crops every year. Strawberry trees are easy to grow and are thorny until the thick bark develops and sloughs off the thorns. The large fruiting strawberry tree increases in yield and fruit size each year, and the berries begin ripening in July and continue developing and growing into the fall. The mature strawberry tree, Che, can grow to 30 feet tall.

The strawberry tree transplants best when dormant, and large trees sometimes produce strawberries the first year. The exotic strawberry tree is sometimes called the Che tree from China.

Not only is the strawberry from these trees delicious, but it is also fragrant, attractive red in color, and as large as a half-dollar, with a flavor somewhere between a fig and a strawberry.



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