How is Blackops Hypnosis Different From Stage Hypnosis  

 How is Blackops Hypnosis Different From Stage Hypnosis



The term ‘hypnosis’ can mean different things to different people. For some it’s a way to amuse people, for others its a way to cure physical ailments. Unless someone takes the initiative Stage Hypnosis  to find out what it really is, the person will only have a vague idea about this subject. To learn more about hypnosis it is necessary to be aware of different types of hypnosis. Stage hypnosis and blackops hypnosis are popular forms of hypnosis that people study and practice. Now, let us take a look at how stage hypnosis is different from blackops.


Stage hypnosis is done to amuse people at parties and social gatherings. As the name implies, this form of hypnosis is done on a stage. The performer is usually a certified hypnotist or someone who has an in-depth knowledge of hypnosis. People are called upon the stage to be hypnotized and once under hypnotic trance, the performer gives some commands and the subjects carry out those commands. Usually the commands are unobtrusive like ‘quack like a duck’, ‘jump up and down’.’sit like a frog’ so on and so forth. As you can see the object of stage hypnosis is to entertain a crowd.

Blackops hypnosis on the other hand is used for personal gains and to get favors from others in a subtle way. A salesman might use a blackops technique to close a sale. A teenager might use it to land on a date or a charity organization might use it to get more donations


In order to be a stage hypnotist you have to learn the basics of hypnosis thoroughly and if possible practice under a certified stage hypnotist in your locality. The best way to start a career in stage hypnosis is to practice among a group of friends to see how you are doing; before performing among a group of strangers.

To learn blackops hypnosis, no certification is neces



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