How To Apply For Jobs On LinkedIn

 How To Apply For Jobs On LinkedIn


Applying to positions shown on LinkedIn Jobs? You’ve probably noticed that a resume and cover letter can be uploaded for each application.

A handy tool for job puzzles seekers, LinkedIn Jobs offers a “Apply with your Profile” option, which allows you to show your interest with just one click.

However, you’ll benefit from providing a resume to employers, even though they can quickly see your LinkedIn Profile. Why?

Because your resume (when customized properly) can be closely tuned to match employer job requirements and match up with Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), while your Profile should always be set up to garner employer attention.

Here are 3 steps to create a sharp, focused message on both your LinkedIn Profile and resume to maximize the response you receive from applying to LinkedIn Jobs:

1 – First, tune your LinkedIn Profile to represent ideal positions.

Your Profile should already be fit for review, especially since employers and recruiters are constantly scouring LinkedIn for talent.

But if you haven’t populated all sections of LinkedIn with appropriate keyword content, you’ll struggle to make a good impression when applying to job postings (and employers will have a harder time finding you!).

To get the best results from applying to jobs, while receiving the maximum amount of traffic on your Profile, fill in these highly indexed sections of LinkedIn with as much keyword-specific detail as possible:

– Headline (with meaningful information other than the defau



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