How to Celebrate Summer Sailstice

Mark your calendars, sailors, because Summer Sailstice is coming up on June 24, 2023. And if you don’t have plans yet, we hope today’s blog post will change that. Keep reading for an overview of 10 epic sailing celebrations that you yate santa marta  won’t want to miss. What Is Summer Sailstice?

Summer Sailstice is the annual celebration of sailing was founded in 2001 by John Arndt. It aims to share and celebrate a global love of the sport, so most events are free to all participants. Since 2001, the event has grown from 200 to nearly 5,000 boats, with about 19,000 estimated participants annually.  

When Is Summer Sailstice?

Since its inception, the annual Summer Sailstice has been held on the weekend nearest the summer solstice. This year that date is Saturday,  Summer Sailstice unites sailors worldwide to share and celebrate their passion for   As many of you know, sailing has expanded the horizons of humankind, connected continents, and enriched the lives of boaters worldwide. And by celebrating Summer Sailstice, we help sailors connect with one another, introduce the beauty of sailing to the non-sailing world, and encourage people to protect the waters on which they sail. . 

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