How to Choose a Forex Mentor Program That Suits You?  

How to Choose a Forex Mentor Program That Suits You?


Forex Trader vs Forex Marketer

There are plenty Forex Mentor Programs online, be aware that not all Mentor Programs are run by real Forex Traders. A Forex trader trades for living. A Forex marketer sells for living. Who do you want to learn Forex trading from? Most Forex marketers don’t trade, they mainly build beautiful websites to sell you Forex related p forex mentor pro review roducts, secrets or automatic forex system to make you rich – don’t fall for such hype. Some Forex marketers trade, they learn strategies from some gurus then they will sell it as their strategies. Any experience trader would tells you Forex is not about strategies only. After you have filtered off those Forex marketers, how do you assess a good Mentor Program?


Of course is the price of the Mentor Program. You wouldn’t want to fork out all your forex capital into a Program. Unless cost is not in your consideration, you should always find an affordable program. Expensive program doesn’t guarantee you become successful traders. I am comfortable with range below $500 and i got one which cost less than $200.


There must be personal coaching. Some Forex Mentor Program are done through pre-recorded video, some do it in small focus group, others through emails. Know how they deliver the Program before signing up. It is best if you can get one with personal coaching, remember this is a mentorship not a course. You should be guided and allow to participate in your learning. Any Forex Mentor Program which does not involve you in your learning – don’t join!


Mentor’s availability. How easy for you to reach your mentor? Join a Mentor Program that allow you to ask or post question anytime of the day with fastest reply. Don’t join those Program that only mentor you once or twice a week. Opportunities happen everyday in Forex market, get your mentor show you when and why he trade at the chosen point.


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