How to Measure the Correct Bra Size and Cup Size  

 How to Measure the Correct Bra Size and Cup Size


It is well know that 80% of women wear wrong size of bra. They just do not know how to measure the correct bra size and cup size. Most common mistake is not to measure bra sizing charts

correct band size of bra or a cup size too small.

Also most women think once they have measured the correct bra size and cup size that would be great always. But they need to understand that as they gain weight or loose weight, their bra size and cup size also increase or decrease according.

36C is a common bra size and cup size. But women who wear 36Cmostly need to wear 34DD.Women ignore the discomfort around their bra and cup. But it may lead to more serious issue like breast cancer. So you need to know how to measure correct bra size and cup size.

Band size : It is as small as you can wear. It should be tight enough to fit fairly without cutting into body and should not get loose to slip. You should be able to move a finger inside the band freely. It should be fit on the biggest adjustment. Measuring the correct bra band size is very easy. Warp a tape around your body just under the breast. Tighten it and run a finger in the back. If it moves freely that is your measurement of bra band size. If the measurement is odd number add one to make it even.



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