Is React Killing Angular?

 Is React Killing Angular?


Unlike human beings, technologies lack the ability to fight with and kill each other. But the emergence of new technologies often affects the popularity and market share angular development company   of conventional technologies. Both React and Angular are used widely by web programmers across the world.

A number of surveys have highlighted a steady increase in the popularity of React, along with a gradual decline in the usage of Angular. Angular is an open source JavaScript web application framework supported by Google. It provides features to simplify development and testing of single-page web applications.

On the other hand, React is an open source JavaScript library supported by a large community that includes both individual developers and corporate like Facebook and Instagram. It comes with features to simplify user interface development for single-page and data-driven web applications.

Many programmers prefer leveraging both React and Angular together to enhance the application’s performance and functionality. However, each user still needs to understand differences between React and Angular to pick the right technology.

Important Differences between Angular and React

Maturity: Angular released in 2009, whereas React released in 2013. Since 2009, Angular has been updated regular to compete with other modern web application frameworks. React was originally designed as a component for Facebook. It is has been updated regularly to speed up development of data-driven and dynamic web applications.

Design Goal: Angular was designed with features to help single-page application development. The framework makes it easier for programmers to load new content without leaving the web page. On the other hand, React was designed with features to simplify user interface development for single-page applications. It helps programmers to create large applications that access and manage dynamic data.



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