Kenya Private Safari – How to Get Maximum Value From Your Private Tour

 Kenya Private Safari – How to Get Maximum Value From Your Private Tour


The desire for privacy is in each one of us and taking a private safari to Kenya is one of the most satisfying travel experiences. Though travel to Kenya is often generalized under  Private tours Iceland  the safari brand, there is more to safari than just wildlife viewing. A private tour lets you expand your safari vision to include all the personal elements that are your signature when traveling. You have the flexibility to set your own travel time and to choose the people you want to travel with.

However it is not outright that because you have chosen a private safari over a group tour you will have a great vacation in Kenya. It boils down to candid planning with your safari operator so that all your personal requests are included in your tour. Of importance you must get a guarantee from your Kenya safari operator that once on the ground, he will not batch you up with other travelers. It beats all sense of privacy if you will join a convoy of safari buses on the same itinerary as yours.

When is a private safari absolutely necessary? Though you can take a private tour even for an ordinary Kenya travel, your special occasions such as honeymoon, birthdays, anniversaries and vacations with young children warrant privacy. Similarly if you pursue a hobby such as bird watching or photography you may benefit more from the one-on-one services of your professional safari guide when you are on a private safari.

Grant it you may not know everything about Kenya but, with so many Kenya tour operators offering private safaris, it falls on you to approach your safari operator from a position of knowledge. Do your research and be very emphatic on what you want in your Kenyan safari otherwise your operator’s “best” may not be what suits you. Be prepared that some of your wish-list may be off-the mark in what is doable within the time frame of your safari and therefore take it in good faith when your safari operator offers alternatives.

Your private safari should give you quality time in the areas that you will visit and also enough time for relaxation. Be careful not to put too many national parks in your itinerary – this will make your safari hectic and with little time for relaxation.

Which are the best national parks for private tours? Masai Mara wins the popularity content but you can get an excellent game viewing experience in any Kenyan national park. The catch is on how you and your tour operator plan depending on the number of days you have for safari. You may choose to stay North of Nairobi i.e. the Aberdares, Samburu and Laikipia or you could do the Southern national parks of Tsavo and Amboseli.



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