Knowing and Choosing the Right Laboratory Furniture

 Knowing and Choosing the Right Laboratory Furniture


Scientists require specialized laboratory furniture that allows them to perform their jobs in a safe, comfortable and convenient environment. Of course, such furniture is designed to withstand the rigors of the laboratory environment, provide places for storage of sterile equipment and even provide laboratory personnel with the right muebles para laboratorio  platform to work on. Thus, it is of utmost importance to know and choose the right type of furniture for the laboratory.

Know Your Furniture

The type of furniture depends on the specialization of the laboratory itself. However, you will find the following furniture to be an integral part of virtually all laboratories (in alphabetical order):

Apparel dispensers – Obviously, this laboratory furniture store the clean clothing such as scrubs and gowns that are necessary in sterile environments.

Balance shields and mini hoods – Both are clear boxes although mini-hoods have closed openings in which the balances shields are placed in.

Laboratory benches – These are usually corrosion and heat resistant due to their use as platforms for many tests and experiments.

Cabinets and Drawers – These can be forensic cabinets used for keeping samples and evidences in forensic investigations, chemical cabinets for the storage of chemical substances, and general cabinets for common items. Depending on their uses, you may opt for corrosive-resistant, fire-resistant and heat-resistant cabinets that may or may not be used as laboratory benches.

Fume Hoods – These are laboratory furniture for venting the air around the experiments, thus, ensuring the safety of the personnel.

It is a good idea to list down all the furniture and their dimensions and specifications before ordering them.

Choose Your Furniture

In picking out the furniture for your laboratory, be it for the school or the company, there are three main factors to be considered. First, you have to ensure good quality. Keep in mind that the furniture will be used under rigorous standards so quality in terms of durability and functionality are always present.

You want the furniture to last as long as possible and function as expected of it. Of course under quality, you must also expect safety measures such as corrosion-resistant and fire-resistant properties as well as locks for security purposes.

Also, you must keep to a budget. Admittedly, laboratory furniture can be on the expensive side considering the many quality standards necessary to pass through the assembly line. However, this does not mean that you should overspend on furniture. Instead, you should adhere to your original specifications and find a supplier willing to meet those specifications at your budget and then order from them. With a little comparison shopping and bidding, you should be able to find a supplier meeting all your requirements.




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