Plan The Perfect Fireman Or Fire Truck Birthday Party

 Plan The Perfect Fireman Or Fire Truck Birthday Party


What little boy doesn’t love fire trucks? With flashing lights, loud sirens and bright colors they are one of their favorite toys. When my son was about to turn four he game truck Memphis  insisted on a fire truck themed party. So I began to research and come up with fun ideas.

The first thing to do is to make your own invitations. I used red construction paper to make a fireman hat with the #4 (four years old) on the front and all the party information on the back. You can also cut out a fire hydrant, a fire extinguisher or a fireman badge. Get your child involved with this by letting him help cut out the shapes or write the # (age) on the front. Have the children come in their swimsuits for summertime birthdays so that they can play fire house themed water games.

The next step is to find the party supplies that match the fire truck theme. I went to a few different party supply stores and bought anything to do with fire trucks. Plastic fireman hats, red and white balloons, fire truck whistle blowers, fireman badges, table decorations, etc. Also go to your local craft store and buy plain red t-shirts to make fireman shirts for each child. I used white puff paint to write the children’s name (ex. Fire Chief Sam) and age on the front of the shirt. This needs to be done at least 24 hours before the party so the paint can dry.

Begin the party by giving each arriving child a fireman hat, badge and personalized t-shirt. If the party is in the summer, give the children a water gun filled with water and turn on a “fire hydrant” sprinkler to play in. Build a “burning house” out of a large cardboard box with red, orange and yellow flames cut out of poster board and taped to all sides of the closed box. You should place something heavy inside the box like a brick or two to keep it from tipping over. I filled over 100 water balloons and several little squirt guns and told the children that there was a house on fire and they needed to put the fire out. They absolutely loved this game.




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