Product Insight – Insanity Workout Deluxe and Deluxe Recovery Packages Explained

 Product Insight – Insanity Workout Deluxe and Deluxe Recovery Packages Explained


You’ve seen the infomercial. You’ve watched the YouTube videos. You’ve heard from friends. Shaun T’s INSANITY workout is extreme. It will leave you dry heaving in  a puddle of your own sweat. It’s the kind of program that challenges marines, Iron Man triathletes, fitness buffs and madmen. However, despite all warnings you’ve warmed to the challenge and have decided to step up to the plate. You’re willing to give Shaun T his 60 days, dare him to do his worst, and see if you’re still standing at the end of it.


But isn’t that enough? Dedicating yourself to a 60 day challenge called INSANITY should surely be enough, right? Why push it even further? Why invest in his INSANITY Deluxe Package, or his Deluxe Recovery Package? What are these augmented bundles about, and are they worth acquiring?

It all depends. INSANITY wasn’t designed for most people. His Deluxe package even more so. INSANITY pushes you to the edge. The workouts included in his Deluxe package will push you right over it. Whether you’ve already finished INSANITY and want to go another round with tougher workouts, or whether you’re suffering from delusions about hard core you are and think you can take Shaun T’s best on the chin and still smile, then his Deluxe package is for you. It includes the basic INSANITY kit, and comes with 3 all new DVD’s designed specifically to push you even further. ‘MAX Interval Sports Training’ has the word ‘max’ capitalized for a reason. ‘Insane Abs’ will take Shaun T’s extreme core conditioning beyond what seems possible, while ‘Upper Body Weighted Workout’ breaks through all plateaus by throwing in free weights into what are already devastating routines.

What of the ‘Deluxe Recovery Package’? Simple. Basic INSANITY package, plus the 3 DVD’s mentioned above, and then the kicker-two months worth of the pro-grade P90X Results and Recovery Formula. Once you’ve spent an hour shredding, blasting and killing yourself, you might be tempted to simply lie there and do nothing. To waste that window of opportunity to take in key nutrients to enhance performance, results and energy. Perhaps you can’t cram down a healthy meal after such an intense workout. Perhaps you’re on the run. Either way, all serious athletes know that nutrition is as important as the exercise itself, and if you share that mature mentality you’ll understand the value of safeguarding your INSANITY results by ensuring you have the proper nutrition and energy levels to keep pushing yourself throughout those 60 days rather than risking collapse or failure.



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