Review of the Apple MacBook Pro 13.3-Inch Laptop (2011)  

 Review of the Apple MacBook Pro 13.3-Inch Laptop (2011)


Despite the hefty price tag, the Apple MacBook Pro remains one of the best selling laptops on the market, and as of Summer 2011, is the second best-selling laptop  apple iphone cape town on There is quite a large fan base of Apple MacBook users who return again and again, not just out of brand loyalty, but because they know Apple produces a well-built computer than is often worth the extra cost. Today we take a look at the 13.3-inch Apple MacBook Air (MC700LL/A), released earlier this year, and the latest incarnation of a well-praised notebook dynasty.

Look & Feel

As with most Apple products, the aesthetics of the MacBook Pro has always been one of its primary selling-points. The computer is produced from a single block of aluminum, giving it a very solid and durable feel. In this respect it is very similar to the previous generation of MacBooks. Due to the device’s slim design, the solid construction doesn’t make the laptop any heftier than average. While some may call the overall design somewhat “plain,” with the standard white Apple logo on the top, we contend that it has a professional and clean look most users will appreciate for its simplicity.

The trackpad is arguably one of the best you will find on any laptop. Made of glass, and featuring Apple’s Multi-Touch technology, the trackpad is durable, responsive, and just feels “right” under our fingers. There are no buttons – all motions are captured by Multi-Touch, which translates swiping, pinching, rotating and scrolling motions fluently onto the screen. The MacBook Pro also has a back-lit keyboard, great for typing in darker environments.

The MacBook Pro’s display measures 13.3 inches diag



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