Second Hand Baby Stores

 Second Hand Baby Stores


Second hand baby stores are a superb way to save money that is already being stretched by other necessities for your child.

I first stumbled  baby registry Canada upon the idea of second hand baby stores when my son was born. With the cost of the birth itself as well as immediate infant necessities like diapers, a pacifier and some little tiny gloves for his newborn hands, the needed purchases seemed to loom over me.

I realized my son was going to need a lot and keep needing more as he grows. Then one day it hit me, I realized that when I buy him a cute baby clothes like a jumper or pair of super small pants, he was going to grow out of them before they are even worn in. Why not buy them second hand?

I went down to one of the local thrift stores to see what kids clothes were there. There was a TON. Most of it was just like new some ever so slightly used, like my zero year old is going to know if his clothes are second hand or not. So I ended up buying some brand name baby clothes for just a buck apiece (normally they would have cost 30 dollars and he would have worn them for about a month).

My wife was elated and the money we saved went right toward purchasing baby furniture for his new room. Well since I bought great second hand baby clothes at this second hand store, why not return to see if I can find some second hand baby furniture too? You got it!

I searched online for some more local second hand baby stores, consignment shops and thrift stores and ended up finding two on my route to work. I stopped by one of the thrift stores on my lunch hour. Let me tell you, second hand stores and thrift shops are a GOLD MINE! I bought a 100 dollar bassinet for 15 dollars. If I were to put it next to a brand new one you would not be able to tell the two apart. It was easily in “like new” condition.



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