Sky TV – Interactive HD Home Entertainment

 Sky TV – Interactive HD Home Entertainment


Christmas is just round the corner, and the season is warming up to the festive spirit. All retailers who bombarded you with offers and compliments last season have more variety and reason to trouble your choices with this time too. Sky TV, one of the biggest providers of satellite TV, broad SKY TV  band and telecom services in the UK has spiced up its deal for Christmas with a multitude of exciting offers. As part of is Christmas promotion package, Sky TV has come out with packages to suit every wallet and household. Irrespective of you being an existing user or a new one, all stand to gain if you place your order online through the Sky TV web portal.

All online orders of Sky+HD and the movie pack 1 or 2 will receive the box free as well as receive a Mark & Spencer voucher for £ 50. This will be sent to the subscriber within one month of the activation of the new connection. Even if you are a old user and would like to upgrade to Sky+HD, the offer remains the same. The Free Sky+HD box is not available for any other offer. The HD box adds up as a video recorder an has a memory capacity to record and store videos for over 80 hours in the standard and 30 hours in the HD format. With HD broadcasts hitting your screens, you will be ushering in the ultimate experience in home TV entertainment into your living rooms.

The period of this offer runs till December 17 by which time you need to have subscribed online to this exciting package to avail the free voucher. The Sky TV package is so designed that you only pay for the channels that you view. The channel fall into six packs themed as variety, knowledge, music, style and culture, children, and news and events. The variety pack costs £ 18 per month and you can add the other packages for £ 1 per month to complete your pack. The premium packs namely the Sky Movies and Sky Sports can be availed at additional cost.

There is an option of going for a Sky+ box combined with a Sky+ subscription (free to Sky digital subscribers) for who so ever would want not to subscribe to the HD package. This box, just like the HD box has recording and storage capabilities. It can store up to 40 hours of your favorite shows and play back at the press of a button.



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