The Advantages And Benefits Of Custom Printed Shrink Tubing

 The Advantages And Benefits Of Custom Printed Shrink Tubing


If you have the opportunity to work in industrial factories, or have access to areas with large bundles of wiring or conduits, then you have probably seen several examples of custom printed shrink tubing. The technology that brings us these versatile little wonders has progressed greatly from the days when heat shrink tubing was o butt connector nly available in a limited range of sizes and materials. There are now many advantages and benefits to using this form of tubing, and not only in a maintenance or construction setting.

What is it Made Of?

Today’s custom printed shrink tubing is often made up of fluropolymers. You may know them better by such names as PFA, PTFE, FEP, and a host of others that are popular choices in the manufacturing of heat shrink sleeving, because of their durability and versatility and endurance in applications used throughout the construction, automotive, medical and electronics fields.

Once manufactured, heat shrink sleeving has the ability to wrap itself tightly around anything that it is applied to, once heat is applied. Every piece of heat shrinkable sleeving has multiple diameters, very often a minimum and maximum diameters, which will be used to differentiate it from others of its type. There are also application parameters to be applied during its creation, environmental concerns, and custom markings to be added to the finished product. All of these factors will determine the composition of chemicals used during creation of the tubing, allowing for an exact customized match for every customer.

Advantages and Benefits

There are times when wiring must be held in place without compromising its integrity. With the application of heat shrink sleeving, you can stiffen it enough by applying heat to make the more pliable wires harder, less mobile and more durable. It is also used in electric applications to add another layer of insulation, because it has inherent resistance to extreme environmental conditions. With custom printing added, you can delineate the properties of the wiring it is covering, as well as wiring diagram marks so that amperage, wattage and other important information is easily read just by looking at it.



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