The Bowen Technique – A Natural Approach to Treating Muscle and Joint Problems

 The Bowen Technique – A Natural Approach to Treating Muscle and Joint Problems


Hectic, stress-filled lifestyles, unhealthy eating habits, pollution and contamination are major reasons why people of all ages suffer from various diseases bowen technique . Although science and technology has made huge advances and various medicines are introduced in the market, still there are few effective means of obtaining pain relief without the side effects associated with using chemicals.

People are looking for alternative forms of medicine to get relief from all kinds of pain. One such technique, Bowen Therapy, is helping millions of people around the world to find relief from such problems as sports injuries and sciatica. It is a subtle, yet powerful technique which involves the gentle massage of muscles and tissues.

Developed by Australian Tom Bowen in the 1950’s, Bowen treatment involves using gentle movements somewhat similar to acupressure, to manipulate the problematic muscles to relieve tension and pain. The practitioner stimulates the affected areas with their thumb and fingers. Not to be confused with chiropractic, massage or acupuncture, this treatment is unique because of the gentleness and the importance paid to pauses between different moves.

The effect can be felt immediately. In many cases, the patient can feel relaxation and relief from pain after no more than two or three treatments. The effects are also long lasting. Although it has proven very successful in helping the patient get relief without any side effects, it is not supposed to be a substitute for medical treatment, but amazed by the results, some medical professionals are recommending the Bowen technique.

The body has immense healing powers and if the right neurological signals are sent to the brain, it will stimulate muscle relaxation that will lead to a reduction in pain, and this is the basic principle of the Bowen therapy. The gentle moves of the treatment on the affected part send electrical impulses. These treatments help the joints and muscles move normally. This in turn helps with blood circulation and relaxation of the muscles.



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