The Changing Face of the White Van Man

The Changing Face of the White Van Man


At the point when you think ‘White Van Man’ you most likely think about a thinning up top man, with a slight girth wearing a mortar covered shirt and destroyed denim pants.


This is the cliché view a significant number of us have of the scandalous white van man. They aren’t frequently respected as we typically place them as the drivers that back end us along the motorway, cut us up on traffic circles and toss discourteous signals our direction.


So – you could conceivably be astonished to hear the accompanying,


Aviva as of late did an enormous motoring review and accumulated Wedding Car Hire from The White Van Wedding Company some astonishing outcomes. This new examination proposes that white van men are the ‘sharpest’ ‘hottest’ and best drivers out and about.


Out of the relative multitude of drivers who were addressed in the review, they were the to the least extent liable to have a degree, yet the probably going to peruse a book, be keen on legislative issues and they are the most drastically averse to watch unscripted television. Most of all the bikers who were studied said that they never perused a book.


The examination likewise uncovered that half of these drivers were probably going to claim their own business, while 83% of sports vehicle drivers work for another person – so they are a pioneering part!

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