The Debate Related to KJV Bible

 The Debate Related to KJV Bible


In the time of 1940’s, there are many new versions of Bible existed in the market. Some popular versions were Revised Standard Version, the New English Bible,  Psalm 20 kjv the New American Standard Version, the Message and some others. In the 1960’s, it is still the KJV Bible that was the leading version. But in today’s generation, the KJV is the 2nd most version after the NIV Bible.

Some people think that having too many versions is a bother but they think it’s a matter of personal choice, consider it a serious matter not only because of the hindrance of many versions but it is also because they believe that the KJV Bible is the only accurate version for the church.

The new versions of the new Greek New Testament came into publication about hundred year ago. Supporters of the authority of KJV were very open about their disapproval on the new Greek text. This is no longer a big issue now but to some Christians it is still questionable.

The debate is argued on two levels. One focus is on King James himself and some rely on this particular translation as the best one and they see a particular sovereignty in the language. They also acknowledge it being the important duty in the church history.

Some Christians go beyond than that, believing that the KJV is the only valid English version. They think that the newer translation does not truly express God’s word. There are discussions from traditional and style. The problem with KJV is the language, some not used to it have difficulty to understand it and some words are no longer in use.



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