The Top Three Types of Cat Scratchers Hailed by Cat Owners Everywhere

 The Top Three Types of Cat Scratchers Hailed by Cat Owners Everywhere


Cats aren’t purposely trying to ruin your sofas and carpeting when they scratch on them; they have a real need to sharpen their claws and exercise their paws. Even domesticated cats have deep hunting and preying instincts tha t must be “sharpened” each and every day. If proper cat scratchers are provided to them, cats will be perfectly happy scratching on their cat play centre or scratcher tree! Here are the top three types of cat scratchers and why every cat owner should have one (or several) at home.

Cat Scratching Pole

The cat scratching pole is one of the favourite types of scratchers because of its vertical appeal. Most cats enjoy scratching their claws in a vertical position. With a pole scratcher , you get the best of both worlds: a vertical pole covered in either carpet or sisal rope along with a round pedestal at the bottom for ground-level scratching activities. Many poles also have some sort of a toy, pom-pom, or ball attached to the top for added fun and to encourage the cat to use it for scratching rather than opting for clawing your furniture. If you see your kitty scratching an off-limits household item, simply go to your cat, pick it up, and place it near the scratcher. Some cats need encouragement; if so, place their paws on the scratcher to give them the right idea!

Cat Play Centre



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