Things to See on Your Holidays in Colombia

Colombia is well known for one thing in particular, the famous dance of Salsa. Nobody could ever imagine the happy and joyous atmosphere of Columbia. Who can resist the  Santa Marta soaring Andean peaks, the Lush Amazonian jungle and the crystal clear Caribbean waters? Everyone wants to see the vibrant cities with soaring skyscrapers, the elegant port towns cut by cobbled alleys and bougainvillea-shrouded balconies, spectacular national parks, and the late night salsa dancing.

Head of the dizzying heights is the capital city Bogota. It reflects the blend of Colombian tradition and Spanish colonial influences. Must see historical landmarks include the Capitol and the Cathedral or the Capilla del Sangrario, both located on the main square Plaza Bolivar. In the Gold museum, you can see collections of over 100, 00 pre-Colombian artworks. Wander and enjoy the beautiful site of eloquent paintings and voluptuous sculpture of the Colombian artist Fernando Botero in the Plaza Botero.

You can see over 120 inspiring collections of impressionists and modern art at the Museo Botero. In the town of Zipaquira you can enter the famous Salt Cathedral. Stalactites and specks of salt jostle with crosses and chapels.

You can also join in with the lively Barranquilla Carnaval festival. Tourists can enjoy the sights of the vibrant costumes, energetic dancing and lively atmosphere that transform the industrial port. This colourful festival takes please three days before Ash Wednesday.

Colombia is known for its highly classified parks. On the Caribbean Coast, you must visit the Tayrona National Park. The park is in the south of Santa Marta. The park is the most popular. The major attraction includes its deep bays shaded with coconut trees, beautiful beaches and several coral reefs. This is one major attraction because the combination of the varieties of tropical wildlife makes the park well worth a visit.

In the same Caribbean Coast, Cartagena, an ancient walled fortress city on the north coast, is also worth a visit, particularly for its fascinating Old Town. You can explore the one of kind labyrinthine streets. You can also enjoy a horse-drawn carriage ride because the old transportation makes the place an unforgettable destination. After taking the horse drawn carriage, you must tour and join the cruise to the Isla Del Rosario. It is an archipelago of about 25 small coral islands. Taking pictures underwater on your digital camera could make a great photo postcard for your friends and family back home.

Colombia has much to offer to those interested in archeology. The San Augustin Archaeological Park contains a great number of relics and massive stone statutes. You will be amazed and surprised at the wondrous and largest group of religious monuments and megalithic sculptures in South America. In Ciudad Perdida or the Lost City, people can climb high into the jungle-covered Sierre Nevada de Santa Marta to the archaeological ruins.

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