Tips for Smooth Visitations Between Co-Parents

Tips for Smooth Visitations Between Co-Parents


Relationships coming to an end can be devastating for both parents and children involved. The process of leaving a partner is made more complicated when children are 

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involved, and child visitation plans are often put in place to ensure that both parents spend adequate time with children.

Visitation is an extremely important, but this is also where many people diverge, and conflicts arise. However, to make the process less traumatizing for children, many a child visitation attorney suggests trying hard to make visitation time successful. For this to happen, both parents will need to come to terms with the fact that the children involved will have two separate households that they should be comfortable and feel safe in.

Making Visitations Smooth

Parents will need to put in effort when it comes to visitation, making the experience positive for their children. Some of the ways this can be accomplished include:

Trying to stick to a routine schedule so that children are prepared for visitation

Helping children meet other children to foster friendships at both homes

Making sure children have personal space in each home

Be open and communicate with the parent of your children

Treat all individuals involved with respect

Be flexible when it comes to schedules

Give each child involved one-on-one time

Be Respectful of Former Partner

Conflict can be inevitable when dealing with two different people, but conflict can cause children to feel as though they are trapped in the middle. Instead of reacting to negative emotions, an   would suggest putting them aside so that visitation does not put a damper on relationships between children and parents. Some of the ways you can show respect include:

Being on time for child visitation plans

Informing former partners of changes in routines or lifestyle, such as a romantic partner

Sharing other changes, including phone numbers or jobs, with former partners

Realize that changes to visitation are necessary as children get older

Let former partners know where children are during visits


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