Toilet Attachment Bidets Vs Stand Alone Bidets

 Toilet Attachment Bidets Vs Stand Alone Bidets


When the first bidet came out the only type that existed was the bidet that was separate from the toilet. Today in Europe you can still find these bidets in most hotel bathroom  handdouche and private houses. Even though people still use the stand alone bidets the toilet attachment ones are better. In this article I am going to compare the 2 type of bidets.

Toilet Attachment Bidets Are Much Cheaper

The average bidet that attaches to a toilet is much cheaper then their stand alone counter parts. The stand alone bidets can cost as much as 3000 dollars while the most expensive attachment bidet can cost around 500. Since the attachment bidet is usually made out of plastic. It keeps its durability and is a cheaper option. Even though its much cheaper, it still cleans just as good, if not better. For the economic choice, the toilet attachment bidet is a much better option

Require Less Room

Most people don’t have enough room in their bathroom for a stand alone bidet and if space is limited then an attachment is much better. Since it attaches to your toilet, it does not take up any extra space and even the smallest bathrooms can have a bidet. They don’t need to have a big bathroom to use the bidet. For those that space is an issue. The toilet attachment is a much better choice. It does not require extra space and be installed in most bathroom.

More Convenient

With a stand alone bidet, after using the bathroom, one has to get up and sit on the bidet. This can be an inconvenience for those that don’t want to get up. With the toilet attachment bidet, one can remain seated and clean himself while seated. He does not need to get up and move. It is helpful for those that have trouble moving and it makes it much easier to clean themselves. They don’t need to make that extra movement so it will take less time using the toilet attachment.

Easier to Install

Toilet attachment bidets can be installed within 15



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