Ubuntu As African Spirituality

Ubuntu As African Spirituality
The western countries have given the world the concept of economic standpoints from which
we now continue to idealize and create our economies.
The most significant contribution from South Africans was the philosophy of Ubuntu, its
symbolism, its teachings, and the social ethics revolving around it. Archbishop Emeritus
Desmond Tutu, considered the most promine https://ubuntu3.com/ nt advocate of this philosophy, has continued to
promote it as the backbone of African societies.
The effectiveness of Ubuntu provides people with perseverance, allowing them to survive and
improve as human beings despite all attempts to dehumanize them.
Ubuntu and Western Humanism
“Umuntu Ngumuntu Ngabantu”
A person is a person through other persons.
This Zulu maxim holds tremendous religious significance since the persons are not just referring
to those alive but the ancestors that have passed and the children that are yet to be born. The
ideology is not limited to living in harmony with other living humans. But with those beyond
death and those yet to come.
Any individual who follows this Ubuntu philosophy continues to respect all since they are the
future ancestors and once were the descendants.
In western humanism, this concept is only thought of for the living. Western society treats it as
a code of conduct or social ethics to follow and adopt relating traits. To them, an individual is
separated from the community, a pre-existing and self-sufficient human being.
However, these communities understand that an individual is far more than he identifies
himself. An individual is defined through relationships and groups that he represents. This
connection is why changing relationships changes the role one has to play and, hence, changes
the individual.
The Positive Impact Of Ubuntu
This philosophy of oneness and interconnectedness has more significant impacts on individuals
despite working towards a greater community.
Optimism, courage, self-confidence, and being practical and even-minded in all situations help
an individual excel in their field of life. It creates humble individuals who complete the
community and themselves, fulfilling the ‘U’ in “Ubuntu

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