Understanding Airsoft Guns

Understanding Airsoft Guns


Do you know what airsoft guns are? These are replicas of real guns. They are designed for realistic action; however, they shoot plastic pellets known as BBs. The BBs are 6 Mosin Nagant M91/30-7.62x54r  mm in diameter and are usually used in paintball competitions.

The guns started being used in Japan where firearms are illegal. As the gun’s fame grew, many other countries started using them.


There are three main types of guns that are differentiated by the way in which they are powered. The three main ways in which they are powered are: spring, electricity, and gas.

Spring powered guns require you to cock every time you need to use them thus you can’t use them in semiautomatic or full automatic modes.

While you can’t use them in these modes, the cool thing with them is that they are the cheapest in the market.

Electric-powered airsoft guns use batteries that are identical to remote-controlled cars. The battery powers a piston that creates air pressure that propels the BB.

Gas-powered guns on the other hand need gas or carbon dioxide cartridges and are used in semiautomatic weapons.


Airsoft guns are used for recreation purposes where they are used in training for military, hunting purposes, target shooting, and display. The units are also heavily used in movies.



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