Uniforms for Teachers and Support Staff

 Uniforms for Teachers and Support Staff


The school uniform has been around for many, many years. Many private schools, usually Catholic Schools, have required students to wear uniforms to enforce rules of modesty, foster pocket staff self defense  a feeling of community, and to promote equality. Uniforms are symbols of a select school that parents choose for their children. To the people outside of a school a uniform promotes the ideal of higher academics. The uniform helps the school stand above.

What about the people who work at these schools? Are uniforms required for administrators, teachers, and support staff? Does a person working for the hot lunch program need to wear a pocket apron with the school’s crest in the center? For a school looking to promote community and the concept of teamwork inside the building this idea might be a good one. Asking the employees to be completely joined into the school community with the students might promote an even more cohesive school.

The selection of a school’s employee uniform would need to be done with great care. A principal would be wise to ask faculty and support staff input. Teachers will want to look professional, and secretaries and educational aides will want to wear something that is functional. Simply telling a member of the faculty that he or she needs to wear a spa uniform could cause a lot of problems.

The identity of the school is what an administrator should stress if he or she seriously wishes to move to an employee uniform. There are many worthwhile designs within the heading of “corporate identity apparel” that would work in a school setting. To help students and other community members identify the school’s employees will help set the those employees up as leaders in the school, and every school is looking for the teachers and support staff to be leading examples to the students.



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