Unlocking the Secrets of Sex: A Guide

Unlocking the Secrets of Sex: A Guide

Since you are reading this article, you are most likely having problems that you cannot stop premature ejaculation or make your woman satisfied in bed for the single fact that you simply cannot last longer in bed, correct?

If that is how you live with your sex life, then you really need to do something about it or your beautiful woman will permanently be tuned off and may move onto another man soon! So why don’t you do what you can do to prevent from it? Here are 看在線色情片 some of the great tips you can act on right away in order to get your woman to be all over you.

Get Your Mind Trained:

Of course the best part of having sex, for a selfish reason, is to have your own orgasm so naturally men think about it during sex. But that is only for those who can last long enough in bed to satisfy women, not you. What you need to do is stop thinking about it and go with the flow.

Take your time to learn about your woman’s body and explore it. Take more time to love her body than to just think of penetrating her. Learn to train your mind and tell yourself that this time you will definitely last longer.

Train Your Penis Well:

Training your mind is not enough if you want to stop premature ejaculation. What you also need to do is train your penis and this is pretty straight forward. You’ve got to masturbate everyday, no matter what! To see your progress, it is a good idea to time it and write it down from day 1. Then each day focus on prolonging the duration of your masturbation.

When you feel that you are coming to the climax, then stop masturbating for a second until the feeling of coming to the end goes away and start it again. Keep it doing everyday while trying to prolong your masturbation longer than the day before by 3 to 5 minutes.

Start Masturbating Without Getting Too Aroused Beforehand:

Okay, this is something what NOT to do… Typically, most of men watch porn videos or pics then start masturbation but that is a classic example to make them come even faster.

Instead, you should masturbate the entire time so you can train yourself to remain calm and to not get overly aroused.

A Little Trick You Can Do To Your Penis:

If you still want to last longer after doing all the above techniques, this little trick should help you. What you can do is to squeeze the base of your penis as it will help temporarily delay the ejaculation. You can also squeeze the muscles of the testicles.

Now you know what you can do to last longer in bed. Those methods may not work for every single man out there but they will certainly help you become a real man and gain confidence. So get it started and see what happens to your sex life!

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