Using Solar Power in Your Bird Bath, Pond Or Garden

 Using Solar Power in Your Bird Bath, Pond Or Garden


With the big push to being energy efficient, eco-friendly and independent of the power grid, solar power is becoming popular. Solar cells used to be expensive solar inverters , large, inefficient and susceptible to breakage. Developments in semiconductor technology have resulted in creating solar cells that are more efficient requiring less surface area to convert sunlight into power. The use of solar power in garden and walkway lights and has proven very popular over the years. The next offerings to consumers have been solar powered water pumps for the bird bath and pond. There are some things to consider when deciding on using either solar or traditional electric power.

Garden Lights

In the case of solar power garden lights, the real plus is that you don’t have to contend with wiring. You can place the lights in strategic points of interest. However, they do need to be placed where there is full sun so that they can charge their batteries in the day with the power needed to light up at night. If you have a long period of cloudy weather, the brilliance of the solar lights will be diminished as well as the length of time they will stay lit.

In my experience, solar lights seem to last outdoors for about three seasons before either the solar cells or the rechargeable batteries fail. The disposal of the rechargeable batteries associated with solar lights can be of environmental concern and must be disposed of properly.

The advantage of electrical power is that you may have more brilliance for longer and more controlled periods of time. If you intend to use this method, make sure that the lights and wiring are rated for outdoor use and installed properly.

Bird Baths

The use of solar powered pumps in bird baths has been a more recent offering on the marketplace. The advantage and appeal is that you do not need to have a wire cable from your house to the bird bath or fountain. Unlike the solar garden lights, these water features usually do not have a charging system or rechargeable batteries. Stating the obvious, if it is night, there is no light and the solar pump will not work. If you place the solar cell powered version of the bird bath in the shade or it is a cloudy day, chances are that the pump will not work effectively if at all. Since there usually are no controls for most consumer market solar pumps, the action of the solar pump is in direct relation to the amount of direct sunlight.



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