Vintage Home Decor That Can Work for You in Five Easy Steps

 Vintage Home Decor That Can Work for You in Five Easy Steps


Many designers prefer to style a space using the latest modern design trends. While this is a popular option, modern design can be in style this season, and out of style home décor  the next. Vintage home decor is a unique way to add some visual appeal to any space and never goes out of style.

Incorporating vintage home decor can add a sense of softness to a room and make it feel more feel warm and inviting at the same time.

There are multiple ways to craft a style all your own using vintage pieces, but with some creativity and a bit of personal style, any room can be give a fresh look.

Five easy steps to incorporate vintage home decor.

Flea Market Finds: Flea markets, rummage sales, swap meets and estate sales are a great place to find vintage home decor. Make sure to ask the seller if the listed price is the best price they can offer. You may be surprised to find out how easy it is to save on each piece,

Hand Me Downs: Family members may offer to hand down vintage pieces to you. Always take them up on this. Hand me down items sometimes span generations giving an item a unique history as well as a great addition to the overall look of a space.

Do-It-Yourself: Nothing is more satisfying than creating your own home decor. You can turn your flea market finds and hand me downs into do-it-yourself projects by repainting, staining or decorating in a unique way.

Add it up: Pair smaller pieces into one unique vignette. The effect can be amazing and ad




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