What Are The Best Quality Pianos Available?  

What Are The Best Quality Pianos Available?


When it comes to pianos and all things piano, one name rules the roost: Steinway Pianos. The company has been in the piano manufacturing business for almost tw piano service Sydney  o centuries now. In as far as positive feedback goes, the brand has more than earned its strips to boast of a pole position ranking in the industry. Every piano that passes through the product line is subjected to personalized attention to detail and this, along with exceptional materials, accounts for the products superior quality.

The firm traces its roots to the year 1835 when it was founded. There are three brands under the established name. Steinway and Sons – which is the business entities flagship brand and is first among equals in so far as product superiority is concerned; secondly there is the Essex brand that blends both aesthetic beauty and the rich design heritage that you would associate with the Steinway brand, and lastly is the Boston brand that is competitively priced for the mass market yet still boasting of the quality that you would associate with a Steinway brand. These brands are not just an attempt to expand the company’s product line but exist to cater for the divisions that do exist in diverse piano stores.

Essex is a brand that is designed with the mass market in mind. The product is fairly priced with a range of prices that will be flexible to the pocket of most individuals who aspire to own a piano. Boston Pianos is the mid-range price brand and are named after that rich musical city and taking up that city’s rich cultural heritage. The sound quality is such that those who hear it distinctively know why this brand commands respect. Steinway and Sons is the flagship of the enterprise and it shows because this piano is used in most of the major music concerts in the world.

If in the search for your perfect piano you are visiting piano stores, the following guideline will be of assistance to you: The dimension of the room that the piano is going to be located in very important and will be a guide to the kind of piano that you will be able to purchase. The dimensions of the soundboard of course determine the size of the piano and consequently how well it flows into the design flow of the room that you have in mind. Secondly, when purchasing a piano you have to keep in mind that it has


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