What is True Passive Income?

 What is True Passive Income?


When you search the Internet you are bombarded with all kinds of offers that promise you to make a good passive income. This is supposed to mean that you do work one True Passive Income  time and the money will keep on rolling in even when you sleep. But there are a lot of misconceptions about passive income at what it really is. You need to understand that there is a lot more to passive income than just said and forget it and make money while you sleep. Here are some pointers to help you understand what the true meaning of passive income is.

Understand that work is always involved:

Passive income doesn’t mean that you get to just sit around and do nothing while the money just roles in. You always have to work to keep the system going otherwise the income will eventually dry up. Even if money was rolling in at first that is because a lot of work was put into it in the beginning stages to get to this point, but it will take an almost equal amount of work in order to sustain the income. This is just money that is working for you to bring you in more money faster than what you could if you had no money, but work is always involved on your part one way or another.

Passive income leverages other people’s time:

No matter what you believe about passive income one way or another work has to be done to generate the money. This can be either you doing the work or someone else doing the work for you. When you are able to leverage your money then that is your money that’s working for you to bring you even more money. This can be considered an example of passive income, every dollar that you have is like a little worker bringing you in a return on invested dollar. You can also use money to leverage other people’s time to make you even more money. Once the income systems are set up you can automate them so that they run faster or you can pay someone else to maintain the system for you, but the system will keep working so as long as it is maintained



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