Will the New Material Change the Structure of Li-Ion Laptop Batteries?

Will the New Material Change the Structure of Li-Ion Laptop Batteries?



Since the new material nanoporous silicon has been released recently, it seems that a new era will arrive to lithium-ion laptop batteries in the near future. With no memory effect and high energy density, it has covered all the defects of lithium-ion, Ni-cd and Ni-mh batteries in a large part while more new advantages achieved.

There’s no denying that a large amount of improvements remained to be resolved by lithium-ion laptop batteries. Even if it has great ckmserver.com improvement in memory effect, there’re still some potential crisis exists inside the lithium-ion battery. Even though some advanced technologies have been installed to IBM Thinkpad battery, it seems to be far less than that of the new battery internal material.

To be sure, nanoporous silicon has a great influence on several parts of laptop batteries, such as electrolyte, anode, cathode and even some circuits. Even though there has achieved some advanced technology and new materials in cathode in battery for IBM Thinkpad, the new silicon seems to promote the lithium-ions and electricities to pierce the separator much better than that of IBM Thinkpad battery.

According to the period of lithium-ion laptop batteries in early times, many features of Ni-mh and Ni-cd batteries have been changes with additional components like protection circuit. After all, no one can be regarded as an excellent one but a better one.



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