Youchooseyour home

Youchooseyour home

Buying new constructionallowsyou to chooseyourdream home. As they are new buildings, you can anticipate the choice and optfor the distributionthatyoulike the most. In thiswayitispossible to select the purchase of a first, a second, a third… oreven a penthouse to enjoy the bestviewsor a firstfloorwithprivategarden.


2.- An investmentfor the future

advantages of new constructionBuying a new home you alquiler obra nueva Barcelona   are making an investment in the future. As the propertyisacquired at the currentprice, in the nextfewyearsyouwill be able to sellit at a higherpricethan the initialprice. The investmentgrows as the buildingrises. Ifyoubuywithimmediatedelivery as an investment, your idea starts to rentfrom the first minute.


3.- Greaterpaymentfacilities

The acquisition of new homesallowsgreaterflexibility in payment. Thesepurchasesallowaccess to installments and fixedpaymentsthatcannot be enjoyed in second-handhomes. At AEDAS Homesyou can pay the downpayment of the house in installmentsduring the constructionperiod.


4.- Withoutbreakingyourpocket

Ifyoubuy a second-handhouseitisnecessarythatyouhave 10% VAT, 20% of the amountnotfinancedby the bank and 3-4% of the expenses beforehand. Whenbuying off-plan, the situationis a littlefriendlier, becauseduring the time that the workisbeing done you can stillcollect the necessaryfinancing.


new constructionhouseadvantages


5.- Witness the birth of yourhouse

The fact of buying a housefills the buyerswithillusion. That’swhybuying off-plan is the perfectoptionforyou to witnessitsconstructionfrom the veryfirstmoment. Thiswayyouwillexperience the thrill of watching the foundationgrow, laying the bricksorplacing the windows. Withsecond-handhousesthisprocessisnotpossible.


6.- Customize the design

Newlyacquiredpropertiesmakeitpossible to participate in the designbycustomizing the house. According to the needs, tastes and economiccapacity of the client, thisis the wayhis new home will be whenchoosing the quality of the finishes and evendistributions. Youhave the right to askfor the houseplans and the details of dimensions, as well as to know the materials to be used and the distribution of the spaces. Itis the ideal option to agreewith the developerhowyouwouldlike to receive the house.


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