Zaggmate Bluetooth iPad Keyboard For The iPad 2 Review

 Zaggmate Bluetooth iPad Keyboard For The iPad 2 Review


Having been a keen user of the original Zaggmate bluetooth iPad keyboard, I was excited t Auto Mouse Clicker o see whether the new iPad 2 model would keep up the high quality standard.

When you are using your iPad primarily for typing purposes, it soon becomes prevalent that the touchscreen keyboard cannot keep up with you once you hit a certain speed. This is the reason many iPad users look into wireless keyboards, which is exactly the reason why I first purchased the Zaggmate bluetooth iPad keyboard.

Since I use my iPad 2 at work, it was necessary to have a keyboard that would keep up with my fluent typing speed when typing out lengthy emails or meeting notes. The problem was, when I was trying to type as quickly as I do on my laptop with the iPad touchscreen, I was making countless spelling errors and finding hundreds of auto-corrections that made no sense.

Naturally, I could always just turn the auto-correct feature off, but even when I did that, I was still finding that I’d missed out a few letters here and there. After having to proof read and rewrite so many documents, I decided that enough was enough.

After many hours of reading reviews and product synopsis’, I bought the Zaggmate bluetooth iPad keyboard for the iPad 2, but how well did it perform?

Well, firstly, the keyboard was a fantastic bonus to my typing capability. By simply having that physical keyboard in front of me, I was able to improve my precision by ensuring I’d actually hit the key I




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